[BNM] Getting of stuff

Jonathan Crawford jc at tgsi.net
Fri Sep 17 10:37:36 BST 2021


After 12 years in Brunswick, Hove  TGSi are going virtual. Consequently we have to empty the office.

We need to get rid of all the furniture al of which came from ODM

There are a couple of tables like
https://www.odm-officefurniture.co.uk/productinfo.php?product=321 (120 x 75)

Five tables like this (4 in excellent condition and one slightly less so)
https://www.odm-officefurniture.co.uk/productinfo.php?product=257 (160 x 120 x 80)
3 of one and two of the other

Five 3 drawer  filing cabinets which go with the desks the desks

Two white boards. One 2m and one 1.2m
4 pinboards

2 waist high IKEA cabinets with opaque glass doors which we used for stationary. (about four foot wide each and a foot deep)

An all glass coffee table which looks like this

Some office chairs, maybe four, not sure what is happening to them.

I really don't want to throw this stuff away. 

So my questions are.

Does anyone want any of this stuff?
Or does anyone know of a charity who will take it or has an idea what we can do with it?

Second hand furniture is not our prime business focus, so  my major concern is not throwing away stuff which is in good nick
and might be useful to other people. 



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