[BNM] Freelancers meet in the Good Companions, Weds from 8pm

Paul Silver paul at paulsilver.co.uk
Tue Oct 12 14:20:12 BST 2021

Hi, the Farm freelancers meetup is moving pub to one with heaters in their
beer garden as we're still meeting outside.

If you're a freelancer, or want to be, and fancy a nice chat about work,
self employment, tech, or just to see people and relax, you're very welcome
to join us.

Currently we're meeting in the beer garden of the Good Companions pub from
8pm until about 11 on Wednesday evenings. The pub has beer gardens at the
front and back, if you get there and can't find us, give me a call - 07813

The Good Companions is just north of Seven Dials roundabout (before the big
Co-op). They serve food until 9pm. Map:

Here's some of the things talked about at recent meetups:

 * Sending letters Poste Restante
 * 5G speeds can be amazing
 * Open Street Maps are open source - copying requires attribution and more
 * Binaural audio
 * AWS setups
 * Taking chances to market yourself
 * Instagram API requirements are quite extra
 * Using Postman to check APIs before coding
 * Choosing the right Udemy course
 * Shifting from writing novel length to short stories
 * Bond films - No Time to Die and Spectre
 * The Pasadena
 * Thunderbird corruption
 * City Car Club and the petrol shortage
 * Coworking spaces
 * Projects that have turned into a shitshow
 * Shed building and anchoring
 * App demo and advice
 * Are travel plans worth making?
 * Times we've been driving and been pulled over by the Police
 * Monitors and keyboards


Paul Silver - tel: 01273 906020 or mobile: 07813 654285
Freelance Web Development & Google Ads management:

Weekly freelancers meet up: http://www.brightonfarm.com

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