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Jay Caines-Gooby jay at gooby.org
Tue Nov 30 14:21:50 GMT 2021

Do you know https://twitter.com/DelishCreative? She's an ex-Brightonian and
does a lot of Drupal work - might be worth dropping her a line?

On Tue, 30 Nov 2021 at 13:23, Mark Walker <mark at markwalker.net> wrote:

> Hello
> We (www.abilitynet.org.uk) have had a Drupal 7 site for 10 years and it's
> as gnarly and cobbled together with string and pieces of chewing gum as
> you'd expect
> D7 is going to be unsupported in 2022 so we've been looking at what
> platform will get us to 2025 and beyond
> We're currently updating our requirements doc as a first step towards
> reviewing platform options and a final decision about direction of travel
> what we need right now is a sensible assessment of how long we have till we
> REALLY need to get off D7...
> What are the risks given our current setup and how long do we have till we
> need to be onto the next version?
> Lots of people throw D9 advice at me, so I don't need a supplier for that
> just yet
> I just want an independent assessment of how much time we have to complete
> what will be a substantial piece of work for a very small team
> All help welcome
> Thanks
> Mark
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