[BNM] Drupal 7 advice

Mark Walker mark at markwalker.net
Tue Nov 30 13:22:53 GMT 2021


We (www.abilitynet.org.uk) have had a Drupal 7 site for 10 years and it's
as gnarly and cobbled together with string and pieces of chewing gum as
you'd expect

D7 is going to be unsupported in 2022 so we've been looking at what
platform will get us to 2025 and beyond

We're currently updating our requirements doc as a first step towards
reviewing platform options and a final decision about direction of travel


what we need right now is a sensible assessment of how long we have till we
REALLY need to get off D7...

What are the risks given our current setup and how long do we have till we
need to be onto the next version?

Lots of people throw D9 advice at me, so I don't need a supplier for that
just yet

I just want an independent assessment of how much time we have to complete
what will be a substantial piece of work for a very small team

All help welcome



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