[BNM] Looking for conversations about Doing Tech Sustainably

Graham Lally janus-bnm at exmosis.net
Tue Nov 23 15:23:40 GMT 2021

Hi list,

I've recently jumped into the world of freelance consultancy, and am 
looking to work on Interesting Things with a strong focus on technical 
sustainability and efficiency.

As a starter, I'm looking to just find out more about people's 
perceptions, aims, and challenges around "green tech" and computer use, 
especially in small/medium companies and charities.

For instance, have you implemented any sustainable computing changes? 
Tried but found it difficult? Or would like to, but don't know where to 

If you'd be up for a quick conversation on it (whatever suits you, 
certainly no more than an hour) then please do let me know - or pass on 
to someone who may be interested. No sales pressure from me, I promise ;)

The best way to reach me is either on this email, at 
graham at groundlake.org, or just ping me at @6loss on twitter.

Many thanks in advance!

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