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Robert Stevens robs_here at btinternet.com
Thu Jun 3 16:40:40 BST 2021


Not sure if I understand. You need to create an InDesign document and 
import a bunch of photos (which I presume you have in a folder already), 
yes?  And the 'template' is designed by you in terms of the layout and 
placeholder frames for the images you need to import?

Something like this tutorial below?




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I am a freelance web designer and need an introduction to the batch 
system in InDesign, or any automation action for importing jpgs or png's 
into a template.
I can't get my head around it and really struggle to set it up. I tried 
to learn this and spent already 4 full days and I am really lost.
It would be great if someone on the list could explain this to me as I 
am working for a client of mine and we need this to go further into the 
work he provides.
It will be paid by the hourly rate you are charging.
Please get back to me if you can help. Otherwise, I am going to give the 
job to an Indian company for them to set it up for me.
I would rather prefer to learn it instead to give it away and would love 
to support someone here on the list to explain to me how it works.
Please get back to me as soon as, by Thursday late night this week with 
a date that suits you and I could come to see you at your place.
Bernhard Meiler
Creative Director
07806 451 926
Web and print agency - at your service.
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