[BNM] Looking for someone to manage web - Freelance gig.

Andrew Holway andrew.holway at gmail.com
Sat Aug 14 14:36:35 BST 2021


I've just started Darwinist in order to market Skill Sprints - technology
and consultancy training products which have been in development for a
while. I need someone who can take care of the website and has some idea on
how the website can be used to drive new business. I have a couple of half
finished messes which contain a lot of good content.

https://skill-sprint.com/ - I've been putting together content here for a
while. There are some blog articles and case studies.

https://www.darwinist.io/ - The half finished website for the new company -
which I already hate.

The job will be a mix of copy editing, website design & marketing. I need
to find someone who can independently own the website and who can resist my
interference. I need someone who can think like a partner - not an employee.

I currently have a €1000 per month budget for this part-time freelance job
but I expect to increase in the future. I'm not interested in measuring how
many hours you work - I'm only measuring the value you bring.

To apply please email me at andrew at darwinist.io. Please include a CV and a
description on how you would like to set everything up - how you would
spend your first couple of months.

I'm very much looking forward to hearing from you,

Andrew Holway

Darwinist OÜ

Book a call with me: https://calendly.com/andrew-holway/30min?month=2021-07

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