[BNM] Brighton Java on 26/2: Kubernetes in the Data-Centre

James Burt james at orbific.com
Thu Feb 20 20:26:57 GMT 2020


The next Brighton Java event will be on Wednesday 26th January, when 
there will be a talk on 'Kubernetes in the data centre: theory vs 
reality'. The full talk description is below; food and drink at the 
event will be supplied by our sponsors, Brandwatch.

Please sign up via meetup: 

The event will take place at the Brandwatch offices in North Laine, and 
doors open at 6:30pm. JVM developers of all levels are very welcome.

Thank you,



For our February meeting, Luke Whiting will present a talk about containers:
* What they are
* The benefits of Kubernetes and other orchestration platforms in the 
data centre
* How to get many of the benefits of Cloud PaaS providers but for the 
lower cost of on-site hardware.

This talk was previously given at the start of a project. For Brighton 
Java, Luke will follow up the original talk with a second talk on why 
the project didn't quite go according to plan.

The first part of the talk is a ground up explanation of the benefits of 
containerisation and platform as a service that will equip you with the 
knowledge need to see if this architecture is right for you, and to 
pitch it to your companies decision makers. The later part of the talk 
explores how human and business factors can get overlooked in large 
projects and how (hopefully) you can avoid these pitfalls.

Luke is a Senior Engineer for Brandwatch and works on their Audience 
platform as a middleware and data processing specialist. Over the last 9 
years he's worked on helping the company develop a platform capable of 
searching and sorting terabytes of data with sub-second response times, 
as well as recently spending more of his time focusing on their 
container orchestration. When not wrangling with the JVM Luke can 
usually be found on the archery field or hurtling around a roller-coaster.

The meeting is sponsored by Brandwatch who are providing pizza and a 
choice of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

RSVPs close at 5pm on the day, with Doors at 6:30pm. Talks will begin at 

Our code of conduct can be found at 

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