[BNM] A hint of webspace

Rob Shepherd robert at robertjshepherd.com
Sat Feb 8 15:18:24 GMT 2020

Hi all and I hope everyone's well.

A friend and I have a leased uk-based server that has oodles of spare space and bandwidth, and I wonder if anyone would be interested in subletting any space or service for small numbers of £ a month, just to help us offset the monthly bill and for you to have something online that's too low-key or temporary to warrant a proper hosting contract.

The server's only a few months old with a SSD and is set up as a LAMP server, (Ubuntu 18.5, PHP 7.x), with other predictable stuff onboard.

I'm not getting into hosting or SLAs or professional support, and this isn't about mission critical business services or anything, nor about undercutting professional hosts, but it may be useful to people (incl old friends?) who want somewhere to put a bit of Wordpress or have some sandbox/dev space away from their main setup or to park some domain(s) or some email service ... as long as it's legal, ethical, small scale and not mission critical. I know that in the past I've wanted such a thing from time to time.

Please reply offlist if interested.


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