[BNM] isp fiasco - advice needed

Paul Godden paul at 6fish.co.uk
Wed Mar 2 12:43:04 GMT 2005

I can't help but..

I used to use them for a large number of clients. They used to be netlink
and where good at the time. Netlink got bought up by this lot and the
service plummeted. It took a seriously long time to pull all the clients out
from under them and they still incorrectly bill for non existent services. I
also have a client still trying to get out from under them and they have the
same problem. No response to fax, phone, e-mail etc. In the end I've
suggested my client go to trading standards, I suggest you do the same. My
advice is not to pay (you'll be wasting your money). Just concentrate on
getting the domain name away from them and set the site up elsewhere.

And for everyone else - Don't touch them with a barge poll, in fact, don't
get that close. Need I say more :-)

Paul Godden

ps: its snowing!

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Hi. Can anybody suggest a way of sorting this out. I've been asked to
update a site. The site is hosted by Via Networks, who were apparently
bought by Claranet at some point. The site owner hasn't paid them for
years but the site, oddly, is still live. The problem is that getting
information from them. like correct login/user id/passwords is very
difficult - the owner has faxed, emailed and was on the phone to them
yesterday for two hours. The information they have eventually provided
is wrong as I still can't log onto the ftp server to update any files
with it. Wouldn't it just be simpler to get the old site closed down
and then have it re-hosted with a new isp? Or would it be a good idea
to just have the site re-hosted with a new isp and just leave the old
one until they decide to shut it down? (Probably not I'd have thought.)
Incidentally, anybody thinking of doing business with Claranet or Via
Networks would probably be well advised not to. Thanks for any


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