[BNM] spybot search & destroy [OT]

Oliver Marshall om at skillsearch.co.uk
Wed Nov 19 14:55:57 GMT 2003

All good points, all totally ignored (as usual)

/me employs the duvet tactic 

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(1) could be his way of saying it's a good utility.

(2) could be coz I advised him to run it a little while back.  

(3) Well, it's techie, if not exactly new media. 

(4) Help here: (I could
also comment about pots and kettles considering the crap you used to
post regularly here as well, Mr Top Poster.)

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> 1) do we care ?
> 2) why are you telling us ?
> 3) shouldn't that post have been off topic
> 4) how about unsubscribing ? 
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> From: Alex Beston
> clean your machine up with Spybot Search and Destroy v1.2. 
> take care of what you remove though. the extra info on the spyware is 
> excellent and gives extra forensic info on the dastards that have 
> colonised a little bit of your machine.
> i found 73 "problems" on my dell. im trying to get to the root of why 
> i have a virus that keeps on reinstalling itself after a cleanup by 
> avg. seems to have something to do with belt.exe.
> alex

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