[BNM] keyboard freeze-up

Paul Howard bnm at phoward.com
Tue Nov 18 14:13:44 GMT 2003

On Tue, 18 Nov 2003 13:58:48 -0000, Dragon - Hiro <hiro at metaldragons.com> 

> Here's a doozy that i thought i'd throw to the masses...
> Got a machine here (dell dimension 8100) that used to have a USB
> keyboard attached to it. When i attach a ps2 keyboard to it, the
> keyboard works fine in BIOS but freezes when you go to type in the
> password to get into windows (XP).
> I am assuming this is down to the keyboard driver, so how the hell am i
> supposed to get into windows to disable the driver/and or remove the
> keyboard so the system picks it up again on reboot, when i can't get
> into the OS in the first place?
> Can't go into safe mode either, cause it still requires a password.
> And no, i haven't got a USB keyboard i could use instead.
> Any (helpful!) suggestion would be appreciated, trying to avoid
> re-installing windows here.
> Hiro
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Just leave it for 10 mins and It'll install the driver itself. I get this 
all the time when switching from one type of Kbd to the other. If ya leave 
it long enough windows will notice and install the correct one for you.

Paul Howard
email and MSN: paul at phoward {.} com

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