[BNM] NT4 retiring / anyone want to share a Win2003 box?

Oliver Marshall om at skillsearch.co.uk
Tue Nov 11 12:27:59 GMT 2003

I personally wouldn't have any doubts about moving to win2k3, and I
think they have made massive improvements. However, im a microsoft
monkey through and through, and look after servers day in and day out. I
really would suggest moving to 2000 first, which is tried and tested.
The upgrade from 2000 to 2003 should then be painless later.

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> > At the time we bought the NT4 box I had exactly the same dilemma 
> > about whether or not to go for Win2000 which had just been released.

> > I thought I was playing safe by going for NT4, but going for the 
> > newer version means you're not going to have to upgrade again quite 
> > so soon. And besides, Server 2003 isn't *that* new any more is it?

SP1 is coming out in January i think, they've been beta testing it for
the last 6 months.

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