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I would have to say b or other

G) USB are not enabled at all period!

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Let's put it another way... :)

You're being interviewed for a high powered position as IT Facilities
director for a major bank's central data processing facility with 5,000
Win2K PCs in one building.

The interviewer asks you a multiple choice question:

1) "How do you think the PCs used by our data processing staff are
currently configured as far as USB ports go?"

a: Users may freely utilise the USB ports.
b: Users may freely utilise them, except for certain proscribed uses.
c: Select users are able to apply for permission to have them enabled.
d: USB ports are only enabled in the adminstrator's hardware profile.
e: USB ports, like other connections, are only accessible via a cabinet
f: None of those particular PCs have USB ports.

2) "What would suggest would be the most appropriate policy?"

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