[BNM] Cross-Browser Compatibility Checking

Paul Howard bnm at phoward.com
Tue Nov 4 12:12:42 GMT 2003

On Tue, 4 Nov 2003 12:02:56 -0000, Martyn Haigh 
<Martyn at nixonmcinnes.co.uk> wrote:

> Yeah - if anyone used Opera for anything but checking websites I'd be
> worried!
> M

WHATTTTTT????   I use Opera as my main browser and have done for a long 
time. Its the only decent browser (with built in mail client) that fits 
and runs happily from a USB flash drive and the whole thing runs great.

I understand that most people still use IE and good for them if thats what 
they want, but Opera is still a very capable browser.

A lot of people complain that some sites dont work in Opera but that is 
all down to the website design not the browser.

So whats ya beef with it Martyn? :)

Paul Howard

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