[BNM] [OT] bloody hell

Crosbie Fitch crosbie at cyberspaceengineers.org
Mon Nov 3 10:53:35 GMT 2003

It's not whether it's organic or not, it's how it's slaughtered. I've spoken
to butchers in the past (organic ones too) and it's pretty difficult if not
impossible to get steak from unbled or semi-bled carcasses. It's just "the
way it's done" in England these days - squeamish people failing to
understand how dramatically steak can be impacted by our silly priority of
aesthetics over flavour.

And yeah, blow-torched steak is pretty high up there.

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> I'll join you in the Black Pud (I'm another southerner).
> On the steak: find yourself a decent Organic butcher and show
> the meat to a
> blowtorch for a few seconds :-)

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