[BNM] SMS question

Robert J Shepherd bnmlist@brightonnewmedia.org
Fri Feb 15 11:06:01 2002

The capacity problem isn't at the processing, it's at the antennae. Last time I checked (about a year ago) a normal mobile phone antenna only carried about 20-25 calls at any one moment and your phone is only tuned into one antenna at any one moment. So only around 20 cellnet, 20 vodaphone, 20 orange and 20 one2one users in the brighton centre (and seafront surrounds) can make simultaneous phone calls (and remember that other brands use these 4 providers: virgin mobile, for example, is on the one2one network).

However, text is a very tight little bundle of data so it uses antenna capacity for only a brief amount of time. Given the rarity with which two people would press their send buttons at exactly the same moment, and assuming reception for all 4 networks (which is questionable at the brighton centre) I'd guess that a couple of thousand texts could be sent per minute, though a significant number of users would find themselves having to try more than once.


- paul - wrote:-
>...Nigel Wilson, Technical Director at Poulternet commented, “When 
>we looked 
>around for a technology partner, Peramon was the obvious choice. Its SMS 
>Server offered the capacity and volume to cope with an anticipated peak 
>volume of up to 36,000 messages an hour." ...
>>Potential client wants to do something flash with SMS.
>>Imagine a big gig at The Brighton Centre.  Most people there will have
>>mobiles.  If a band brings a big screen or projector and flashes up a
>>number, inviting people to send a text message to that number, how many
>>people could actually achieve that?  Is there some constraint about having
>>huge numbers of phones within a small area?  What if the gig was at Earl's
>>Court or the Millenium Stadium?